Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Primal Sweet Potato Chips And A Hot Cook

This was me yesterday, lookin' smokin' as I slaved over a hot stove.
Well...to be honest I didn't want to frighten my teenagers into therapy so I wore a sweatshirt and jeans...but in my mind I am starting to feel a bit sexier.
Losing close to forty pounds does that to a girl.
Yesterday was 'Cooking Day'. The day where I make a large load of protein and Primal snacks to hold the kids for the week.

First I made eight pieces of chicken.
I cooked them low and slow on the stove top in coconut oil and spices.
These always stay moist and flavorful in the fridge, ready to be chopped on a salad or tossed into a stir fry or even eaten on a cheddar biscuit.

Then I froze coconut milk yogurt into discs for the smoothies that we make for the kids and their friends.
I was worried about getting the discs out after they were frozen, but if you put the bottom of the pan in a tiny bit of warm water they loosen up enough to pull them right out.
I toss them in a plastic container in the freezer to be used at a moments notice.

Next I baked up the nitrate free bacon for the week.
I bake it at 350 for about fifteen minutes and then pat it dry and store it in the freezer.

That way the kids can pull out a few pieces and warm them up in a paper towel for 30 seconds.
I also get a nice jar of bacon squeezin's from it to use for stir fries and other dishes.

Primal Sweet Potato Chips
The last thing I made was the first to disappear completely! Primal Sweet Potato Chips.
I never wanted one of those small fryers in our house.
We were super fat and in no way needed to be frying our foods, but since going Primal and using mainly coconut oil, I bowed to my husband and son's wishes and bought us a very small Presto fryer.
It took $8 worth of coconut oil to fill it to the full mark, but man...was it worth it!!
Those chips were better than anything I have ever had chip-wise.
Not greasy in the least and super full of flavor.
It hardly used any of the oil at all!
Since my kids don't drink coffee (which is where I get most of my coconut oil in) I am happy they are getting a bit of it this way.

Primal Sweet Potato Chips
  • heat your fryer with the coconut oil to 330 degrees
  • slice your potato slim (we used the food processor)
  • lay the slices out on paper towels and press hard to get the moisture out
  • fill the basket 1/4 full and lower into the oil, slowly
  • we separated them with a knife so they all floated individually, not touching
  • let cook for 6-7 minutes
  • lift basket out and toss them on a paper towel covered cookie sheet
  • we separated them again and gave a sprinkle of salt
These might be the best chips I have ever eaten.
I hope you try this recipe and love these healthy chips too!


  1. I am inspired by you. I've read a bit of your blog and feel ready to do this primal thing again. My husband and I did it last year and I lost 18 lbs in 2 months, but we then slowly started to eat the wrong stuff again.

    I'll be back...thanks for the recipes. They look perfect for a family to try!

    (I gave up blogging for Lent, but I do blog regularly.)

    1. Thank you for reading!
      This has been the best thing I have ever done for myself...health and body wise, and for my family.
      Also the easiest once I got past the first two to three weeks.
      I love having real organic cream in my coffee instead of the chemical crap (just makes more sense to me now too)and giving my children "real" food instead of processed goo from a box...makes me happy.
      I hope you and your family find your way back soon :)