Saturday, February 4, 2012

Krispity Krunchity Kale

This happens to me less and less now that I have been Primal eating for six weeks. still happens.
I know I could have a square or two of dark chocolate to satisfy that craving dancing around in my head ,but I am trying to hold out...just to see if I can.
Because in the past...I never could.
I would start out on Monday morning full of energy and renewed faith in myself that THIS would be the magic week that I could stay on not mess exercise everyday.
It never happened.
After three failed attempts at Weight Watchers, twice on Jenny Craig, and some other silly being a weight loss over the counter drug that gave me a life threatening blood think I would have learned my lesson and just give up.
I had.
But watching my mom in the hospital those days really hit me hard. The hospital was where I was going to end up.
Sooner rather than later.
I shoved that chocolate bar out of my head and started thinking of what I could eat that was the anti-chocolate.
If I could be satisfied by something so far away from what chocolate is...and represents...then I would feel like a winner...stronger than that 'old' me who caved easily.
So what is the ani-chocolate?
Leafy...dark green...fibrous...Kale!
I hate kale.
Well...I had never tried kale before...because it was green...gross.
It smelled
But so many people on the Primal and Paleo blogs love it, rave about it's vitamin and mineral content.
They cook it, steam it, and even put it in smoothies.
Good gosh! How desperate do you have to be to put kale in your smoothie...ack!
The only recipe I was willing to try with kale right now is the baked kale chips.
Seasoned, salted, and baked to crisp nothingness.
I took a recipe from Pinterest for kale chips and gave it my own spin.
I love them.
How weird is that? How much my palate has changed since December? Bunches!
I keep a bowl of kale chips sitting on our kitchen island next to the bowl of Primal Crackers.
When that chocolate bar comes running at me...I run to the kitchen and munch on these spicy chips till I have won.
I am stronger than chocolate...who knew?!

Spicy Kale Chips

Here is the recipe...

1 bunch of Kale (rinsed and patted dry)
1/8 cup Olive Oil (I used Chili to give it some kick)
Handful of spices and seasonings (I used Kelp sprinkles and Italian Herbs)

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees
Rinse and pat dry the Kale.
Tear it into bite sized pieces and place in a large bowl.
Toss it with the Olive Oil and spices.
Spread it out on a lined baking pan.
Bake for 8-20 minutes (ovens vary, so watch it closely, you want it crispy not burned)
Store in an open container.

I hope you try a new whole food soon and love it too.


  1. Thanks for the kale chip recipe! I've heard of kale chips but have never tried making them before, but this sure sounds easy and I really do need to eat more greens.

    1. I did it just for that reason...more greens.
      It was so easy...even a caveman could do it...hahaha...silly joke ;)

  2. I LOVE kale chips, but I love kale in just about anything. Don't be afraid of it! It's a hearty, chewy green that stands up well to cooking, unlike spinach which will just wilt away to nothing.

    For the record, you can roast asparagus until it's crisp - sort of like french fries - as well. I may post that recipe myself this week.

    1. Oh please post that recipe!
      I don't really enjoy asparagus, so if I could prepare them in a crispy way, I might just give them another try.

      I respect that you kept all of your old recipes on your blog, and understand why, but I had to delete all of mine from my Pinterest page.
      It just made me cringe to look at all the complete crud we were eating :(
      It has been amazing to feel "good" and have more energy.
      Thank you again for all your great information on your blog.