Monday, October 8, 2012

Still Going Strong and 70 Pounds Down Plus Weigh Loss Before And After Pictures

Good morning!
I have been thinking everyday of blogging, but feel I have not much to say.
I eat almost the same thing everyday...a meat, spinach, an apple, maybe some nuts...some days some cheese, and almost everyday a little dark chocolate.
I really have no interest in other foods right now, no interest in meal planning either.
If I look on Pinterest or Foodgawker for ideas, that gets my stomach thinking about food.
I am almost never hungry anymore so I avoid looking at those pages to keep away from the pictures of food :)
I am losing weight, but to me it seems so slow.
I know that is better for my body in the long run...but it's making me nutty!
I just want to be a normal size...walk in to any store and be able to fit in to something.
I went from a 3x last December to and XL or L in tops, so that is a drastic improvement.
My butt was a 22/24 pants and sadly I am still in most 18's. I do have 2 pairs of 16's that I can get into, but mostly a solid 18.
This is killing me.
I only just started to exercise in August. I am diligent and do either cardio or weights everyday.
I am trying to follow Mark Sisson's advice to not overdo the exercise...but I am going crazy in my head wanting to be a size 14 and under 200 SOON!
I truly thought that I would be further by now...sigh...
I know I did not put it all on in a year and I have a few months until the first year is up...but still...I am impatient some days...I guess today is one of those days.
I keep looking on Mark's Daily Apple for information on how to shed more fat, and the information that came up was about intermittent fasting...which I already do.
I eat one Primal meal a day.
But being the impatient whiner I am...I am thinking about skipping a day eating once a week...just to see if that kicks things up a bit.
I try not to let the scale get to me, because I am getting muscle under that flabby skin I carry around.
But if I could drop a size in pants...who am I kidding? I want to drop two sizes! I would feel much more accomplished in my weight loss.
I have to say, I will never eat The Standard American Diet ever again.
I have been healthier, happier, not sick once, not one zit or breakout, and have been building muscle since I changed to living Primal, I will never go back to the old way of living.
I just had a fantasy in my head that I would be a size 10 already...but when you have over 100 pounds to lose it takes time and work.
I am so proud of my mom, she has gone from a size 14 to a size 6 in just six months time.
She looks amazing and has finally lost her dependence on food to make her happy or fulfilled.
I will finally get the courage to show a before and during picture.

Me at my heaviest :(


looking better, but still a ways to go

I have more of a chin now instead of a mass of flesh

These weight loss before and after pictures show I have done a good job, but am looking forward to seeing my results in December at the one year mark.
Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a great day and keep eating clean.

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