Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I call them Frozen Banana Bites...my kids call them something new to fight over.

We were out of dessert...God forbid...it happened without me knowing about it.
The whining and sad faces were terrible.
The teens must have dessert. A left over feeling from our pasta and macaroni and cheese days.
I always had something sweet ready for after dinner, and if not, we went out for ice cream.
Now with our Primal way of life, I am just not as hungry anymore and my sweet tooth has lessened considerably.
But I am not eighteen or sixteen, and they still have that need...sweet needs.
So I hopped on Pinterest and looked through my Primal board to see if anything looked quick.
This recipe had three ingredients and looked like it could do the trick.
I made them and after about fifteen minutes in the deep freeze they were ready.
Oh my Lord.
These tasted just like a frozen ice cream bonbon. The banana inside had frozen up to taste much like smooth ice cream. My kids were elated, my husband...well...I kept catching him sneak into the freezer drawer...even in the morning!
I hope your family enjoys them too.

2 Large bananas cut into chunks
1/3 cup of dark chocolate broken into pieces
1/4 cup of natural almond butter

Place the chocolate and almond butter in a glass bowl and microwave for one minute.
Stir rapidly till it is melted together and smooth.
Dip the bananas in the chocolate and place on parchment paper over a cookie tray.
Place in freezer for fifteen minutes or overnight.


  1. made some of these for our school market tomorrow--sampled a few HOLY COW the inside is INSANE!!

  2. I done this forever. I always keep frozen banana chunks for smoothies and one day I thought "hey I could dip these too". Anyways..... They taste wonderful, but need to stay frozen or you get this chocolate covered banana slime ball. Atill tastes great but looks funky.

  3. has anyone tried making these without almond butter? My daughter has a nut allergy

    1. you don't have use almond butter or dark chocolate. just melt some choc chips and a little bit of crisco with it and dip bananas.

    2. I use Milk choc. chips with coconut oil and a scoop of peanut butter. I slice a few bananas and place on a cookie sheet covered with freezer paper, then put them in a ziploc bag when frozen. I always have some on hand to dip in choc. when I run out!

    3. Could you just use dark chocolate and nothing else?

    4. Coconut butter is wonderful

  4. You could mix coconut butter or oil with the dark chocolate. If you use oil, the chocolate will form a better "shell" anyways and not end up so melty/sticky.

  5. this looks like a nice yummy treat to keep in the freezer!!

    but there is no way i would mistake the taste of a banana for ice cream

  6. I just made these and substituded the almond milk for vegetable oil. It worked awesome and they taste SOOOO GOOD!! its quick and easy to make too! Ill definetly be keeping thos recipe on hand!

  7. Hello,I found you via pintrest and I'm so glad I did! I was looking for healthy treat options for my new lifestyle.Ive decided no more diets for me it's healthy and naturally occurring foods from now on.Even health nuts need a little treat now and then though and this is perfect!Thank you so much for the great recipe:)

  8. Thanks for looking!
    I am so grateful to Pinterest for providing me with so many options to try also! I hope to be able to inspire myself as well as others to keep eating real whole foods and almost nothing from a box or bag.
    Thank you again for your nice comments!

  9. How do you get them to look so nice -mine look ugly!! Taste great though!

    1. I froze the banana slices first, spread the almond butter on, and dipped it in the chocolate. It's messy but worth it!