Monday, January 30, 2012

The Big Bad Breakfast Battle...Every Morning

The kids have been great living Primal for the most part.
My 18 year old son takes a mixed green salad with carrot shreds, a bit of cheddar, and a chicken breast chopped up on it every day for lunch at high school. Pretty good right?
My daughter was a complete carb freak. Almost every bite in her mouth was a carb of some sort.
It took a while for her to drop the bread and just take meat and cheese (no bread) for lunch.
They will eat for the most part all the new things I have been putting in front of them for dinner each night.
Sure there is some grumbling and trial tasting, but they have been getting more nutritious whole foods in them than ever before.
Our big problem is breakfast.
My daughter has only had cereal, or pancakes, or waffles, or cinnamon rolls, or something in the super carb column of foods.
 My son has more a problem getting up and going in the morning so he will eat what is put in front of him (but did prefer the pancakes and cinnamon rolls too).
I agree that it is hard to eat eggs and some sort of meat in the morning...every single morning.
My husband and I are much better at eating left overs from dinner if we don't want eggs.
 Both of our palates have changed since we became Primal so that I look forward to a bacon wrapped tillapia fillet with my coffee sometimes.
Not so with the teens.
I have had to learn to use my coconut and almond flour in new and interesting ways. I have had a few bright spots with these concoctions, and also some terrible mistakes.
The best thing was a ham and bacon breakfast muffin (super good) and the worst was a really awful pancake that refused to stay together and tasted like paste.
I have since mastered the pancake with good results...I admit it will NEVER taste like regular flour pancakes.
 But as long as my waist keeps shrinking and I wake up everyday feeling amazingly well, and the energy I have seems to be increasing...I am happy to keep on the coconut flour, meat, and veggie train.
I am sharing a recipe that has saved us time and fighting in the morning. I make it on Sunday and pack individual pieces in sandwich bags in the fridge.
They need only be grabbed and put on a microwavable plate and heated for a minute.
That's it! Just one minute and...tada! Breakfast!

For one large pan you need

9 eggs whisked
1 carton cottage cheese (I get the huge one from Costco and split it so I have two weeks of casserole)
1 package of sausage (I also added shredded chicken since I had extra) cooked and crumbled
1 package of shredded cheese (I added some Gorgonzola too)
Spices (I added some heavy duty Italian spices, but use what you like)
Salt and Pepper

Pre heat the oven to 350 degrees.
Cook the sausage on the stove till brown and crumbly. Drain it on paper towels.
Next whisk the eggs together and add the cottage cheese and mix with a large spoon.
To that add in the sausage or any other meats you would like. Add in the cheese and spices, mix well. Put it in a well greased 9 x 13 pan and bake for 35 - 45 minutes until browned and is firm to the touch.
Cut into squares and store in baggies. Keep refrigerated till ready and microwave for 1 minute to heat back up.

I hope you enjoy this quick and protien filled breakfast as much as we do.

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