Friday, April 20, 2012

Getting Enough When Eating So Little

I love this picture.
She represents what I am feeling right now.
Freedom and a new lightness of spirit.
Unencumbered by hunger and thoughts of food I have been focusing on the other big things happening in our lives.
My son is a senior and there is a flurry of crazy paper work, meetings, cap and gown fittings, getting him in honors housing at OSU, and to top it off I get to have Prom dinner at our house.
I am so happy about this...I get to decorate, design, and bake around a theme.
Good Lord do I love a theme!!
My son is very kind to let me do this because I can get obnoxious about the planing and decor.
I have chosen "Romantic Garden" as my dinner theme.
I have a whole Pinterest page devoted to what I want to make food and decoration wise.
My muse began with this one picture...
Isn't that cool?!
So far I have made two of my own for the girls to hold for an artsy type shot during prom pictures.

Jackie looks like a doll baby next to this massive bloom.

Now there are two! Hopefully I can pull off a few more in interesting designs and colors.
Next was this amazing wall of flowers as an inspiration for me...

It is stunning!!
How to pull that off without spending too much money (it is only crazy me throwing this shindig, no other mom's are crazy enough to want to get involved).
I bought a foam board at Lowes for $8, a pack of copy paper for $2.50, a pack of tape for $3, and began cutting and taping away!
This is what I have so far...

It's pretty, I can't wait till it's done.
I have had a ball working on it. Trying out different styles of flowers and designs.
But in the back of my head I still worry that I am doing the right thing eating wise.
I read today on Mark's Daily Apple about nutrient deficiencies and what to do about them.
It got me thinking...if I only eat once a day (truly...sometimes every other day) am I getting all the vitamins I need?
I have been trying to pick foods that are nutrient dense when I do eat, but am I doing enough?
I have to be honest...the weight is not flying off my body even though I eat very little.
I am sure that it has to do with the fact that mentally I can NOT make myself exercise yet.
I walk the dog, and try to stand more than sit, but I have not made that leap to do one of my exercise videos, or hop on my exercise bike, or even do my Total Gym (a cheap Craigslist purchase)
What the heck is my problem?
I am trying not to stress about it and focus on eating the right foods.

the one meal

When I do eat, I always choose spinach, leafy greens are a huge plus for vitamins.
I always have a protein, be it free range poultry or grass fed beef, protein is a must.
I chose the apple because of it's all around goodness for your body.
I also had a few kalamata olives for fun.
The only thing missing was a fat, so later I had my coconut oil mixed with a tablespoon of dark coco powder and a teaspoon of honey.
A yummy treat!

I hope you have a good day and eat Primal for your health.


  1. My guess is that you aren't eating enough. I eat during an 8 hour window and usually have two meals and a snack during that time. I'm on a Fast-5 e-mail list. Those folks use a 5 hour eating window and many of them only have one meal a day, but it's a BIG one. Soup, salad, meat, fat, veggies, some add starch too, and a few even add a sweet at the end (it's not necessarily a low-carb or paleo plan). I can't eat that much food in one sitting so I'm better off with a couple of meals. Your protein and fat portions might be too small too (that chicken portion looks pretty skimpy to me, and I'd go for dark meat for the extra fat and flavor). I must admit I'm paleo for health reasons (got rid of headaches, joint aches and respiratory problems) not for weight loss, but I do read lots of the websites/blogs and have been for over 10 years and they all seem to say that you need to eat enough.
    p.s. I love your white flower board. Please post a picture of it when it's finished.
    p.p.s. Olives count as a fat, but extra coconut oil is always good.

    1. Thanks always are good help :)
      I agree I should eat more, but I just gained control over a huge thing that controlled me my whole life.
      It is nice to know that I can control myself and the food...FINALLY!
      I will take your advice, and also try to workout. It's time to start, I would always rather cut out flowers than workout ;)
      I will post pictures of all the things I make for pre prom, and hopefully some of the kids.
      Thank you again.