Thursday, August 30, 2012

Coming Farther Than I Ever Thought

It has been a wonderful summer.
My son's graduation party went very well, and was a blast.
I was forced to take my son to college...and leave him there.
His choice, not mine.
I had a bit of a break down after he left and went back to being a brunette after almost two decades of being a bottle blond.
The biggest change out of all this is that I have gone from a 3x top to a size large.
Dropped ten more pounds, and found the strength inside myself to start exercising.
I really had hoped deep inside myself that it would not come to this...because I hated exercising!!
To be sweaty, sore, and have absolutely no results is how it always was in the past.
This time I have noticed some interesting things that make it all quite different.
1. My joints, knees, wrists, and ankles don't hurt anymore when I work out. (no grains, or packaged foods makes this possible)
2. Even the next day, my soreness is minimal. ( inflammation!)
3. I don't feel gross while I'm doing it, just stronger.
4. For the first time ever...I look forward to it.

I have not been a great blogger.
I have slacked off, not because I was too busy (even though I kind of was) or uninspired.
I have found a new place inside of me and it does not jive with what I wanted my blog to be in the beginning.
I most likely will not post recipes on here anymore.
I don't feel like trying out new things, cooking constantly, or even full meal planning.
I am not hungry.
I found that sometimes eating every other day works better for me.
I am hungry when I smell food being cooked, but if I walk away from it, the feeling goes away.
I only want a small piece of meat, some spinach, an apple, and some nuts.
That makes me feel good and satisfied.
So from now on I am going to post pictures of what I ate that day, exercises that I did, and progress photos.
Progress photos...that is a tricky thing.
I want to see them of other people...but slapping one out on the Internet for all to huge...everything...well that might take me a few more weeks of progress.
Thank you to everyone who has viewed my blog and not made fun of me!

Have a wonderful day...and ditch the grains!!

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