Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Prom Has Come and Gone...What a Blast!

My son and my mom before prom dinner
My son is a handsome and very kind man.
He knows how much I enjoy decorating and parties, and once again I was able to have prom dinner at our home.
Since this was senior prom I went all out, making an eight foot wall of hand cut flowers for them to stand in front of in pictures, The tables were decorated to the nines, and there was a canopy of hand cut flowers, birds, and butterflies floating above their heads at dinner.
I had a blast!!!
My mom was so great through all of this. She came down to help me several times in the month leading up to the big day, and the day of prom she helped me make all the desserts and with the final set up.

The big wall of flowers was made by using a 8x4 foam insulation board from Lowes (cost $8) and a pack of copy paper (cost $2.50) scissors, and clear tape.
I used straight pins to place the flowers on the board so that in the future I could add color or a different style of flower if I wanted to.

Here are close ups of the different flowers.

I looked at Pinterest for ideas to make different kinds of paper flowers.

If you live in Cincinnati and would like to borrow the wall...feel free to ask! I hate to think of it sitting doing nothing!

I made paper fan flowers to decorate the drink station from old scrapbook paper and tape. (whew...we need a new counter top!)

The flowers, birds and butterflies were strung on fishing line, and look static from this angle, but sitting under them was very pretty.

The dessert table was not Primal at all. It was pretty! Even though it was only jello, pudding, oreos, rice krispy treats, and brownie bites the kids were oohing and ahhing over it.

Oreos covered in white chocolate and sprinkles along with strawberry marshmallows dipped the same way, were simple but pretty to see.

Jello was poured into tall glasses and set slanted in the fridge. I mixed the remaining jello into cool whip and added it when the first layer was set. More cool whip and a strawberry completed the look.

I cut a circle of poster board and then cut out the middle of that to make the base for this paper wreath. It is copy paper and left over scrapbook paper cut into a leaf shape. I folded the bottom of the leaf together and taped it to the circle. A pretty welcome as the guests arrived.

I made large tissue paper flowers for the girls to hold as a fun extra. I was worried that they would think it was silly, but everyone seemed to love it.

All 20 kids had a great time and made it home safe the next morning, and that is what matters most.


  1. Truely amazing!!! You are amazing!

    1. Thanks Sheila!
      I hope Matt's Birthday was wonderful?!
      Can't wait to party with you during the band's gig this weekend ;)

  2. Wow, what a great job you did. Everything is beautiful but that white flower wall is fantastic! I'm sure the kids really appreciated it.

    1. Thank you Nancy!
      I had so much fun making that wall. I wish I had a creative project to work on everyday ;)